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Guidelines for Applicants

1.Application Period

Application periods
  (students starting in…)
Application Deadlines
"Entry Sheet” submissions
By the last day of…
Number of Applicants Accepted Period of study (Hours)
March August 40 2 years
(1520 Hours)
July February Limited number 1year/9manths
(1330 Hours)
October March 40 1year/6months
(1140 Hours)
January July Limited number 1year/3months
(950 Hours)

2. Applicant Qualifications

Applicant must have completed 12 years of school, be a non-smoker*, and be of sound mind and body.
*Applicants will be required to agree to and sign a “non-smoker contract” during the interview.

Applicants who have graduated from university must be under 25. High school graduates must be under 23.
The following are exempted from this age limit: Applicants who have majored in Japanese, applicants who have spent considerable amount of time studying Japanese and have passed the Japanese proficiency Test(Level 2 or higher), and applicants who require the use of Japanese for their profession.

Applicants must have had studied Japanese for at least 150 hours by the time of application, or have passed at least the 4th level of the Japanese Proficiency Test.
*Students starting in July, October, and January: Because they will technically be considered mid-term transfer students, and also because the academic ability required for entrance into classes already in session will differ; such students should contact the school office.

A Japanese resident who will act as the students guarantor is also necessary

3. Lesson Days and Times / Semester periods

First semester: April to September (this includes summer vacation), Second Semester: October to March (includes spring and winter vacations).

Lesson times and days: Monday to Friday 4 hours per day, totaling 20 hours per week.
8:40-12:30 AM OR 1:30-5:20 PM

Class placement is determined by a placement test.(In general, students cannot choose between morning and afternoon classes.)

4. Application Method

Applicants must fill out the “Entry Sheet” (Application for Entrance Examination), provide a copy of their transcripts and certificate of graduation from their most recent institution, and send them to Shizuoka Japanese Education Center. The above can be sent via fax or mail; however, in either case it must be sent via the applicant’s guarantor.

“Entry Sheet” (Application for Entrance Examination) hear!

5. Where to send Application

Shizuoka Japanese Education Center 11-6 Yokotacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuokashi Shizuokaken (420-0835)

6. Selection Method

Once the “Entry Sheet” is sent in, and the applicant’s guarantor is interviewed, the applicant will be required to take a written exam (consisting on math, English, and Japanese) and oral exam (this will occur locally.). Successful applicants must them begin application proceedings with Immigration. Submission of forms and all communication concerning such forms will be carried out through the applicant’s guarantor (See chart below for details.).

*Financial Supporter (Guarantor)
The student’s financial supporter (or Guarantor) must be responsible for the applicant, in both public and private capacity, the entire time he/she resides in Japan, from the time admission/immigration procedures begin until the applicant leaves Japan. This includes the applicant’s living and studying expenses. Therefore, the financial supporter (or guarantor) must be well acquainted with the student’s situation, and meet the following conditions (see list below):

(Note that in the case that the financial supporter is someone residing outside Japan, there still must be someone acting as guarantor who is a resident of Japan.)

  • If the student becomes for some reason unable to pay for school and/or living expenses, financial supporter must take responsibility for the student’s financial obligations.
  • Financial supporter (guarantor) must be a resident of Shizuoka (but can be of any nationality) and must be an adult who makes an independent living.
  • If the financial supporter(guarantor)is not a Japanese citizen, in addition to the above conditions, he/she must be have a sufficient understanding of Japanese and must have been living in Japan for long period of time.(He/she must also have a Certificate of Alien Registration.)
  • Once the student begins admission procedures, the guarantor must be responsible for submitting all necessary forms (such as admission application) on behalf of the student.

If the applicant dose not yet have a financial supporter (or guarantor) please contact school via one of the center’s local affiliated schools or organization (There is a separate guidebook detailing such procedure.).

7. Tuition (1 year)

Admission fee 65,000  
Tuition 478,800  
Facilities fee 51,000  
Total 594,800  
(Note 1): The above tuition corresponds to 760 hours of study. Students who come late in the semester due to complications with their visa, will be able to make up the time lost but will not receive a deduction from their tuition.
(Note 2): The above tuition corresponds to a one-year visa.