We offer Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Before classes start, all students are given a placement test to check their level of Japanese proficiency. Based on the results of the test, and your wishes and goals, you will be placed in the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced class. Classes are divided into two sessions: morning (08:40–12: 30) and afternoon (13: 30–17: 20).

Admission requirements

  • Applicant must have completed 12 years of school, be a non-smoker, and of sound mind and body.

    ※Applicants are required to sign a Nonsmoking Pledge during their interview.

  • Applicants who have graduated from university must be under 25. High school graduates must be under 23.

    ※However, the following are exempted from this age restriction: Applicants who majored in Japanese at university, applicants who studied Japanese continuously for a considerable period of time and passed the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (N2 or higher), and applicants who mainly use Japanese in their jobs.

  • Applicant must have passed at least the N5 level of the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or equivalent (e.g. NAT-TEST, J-Test).

  • However, the Japanese proficiency level required for admission may differ for students starting in July, October, and January since they will be entering in the middle of the semester after class placement has been already decided.

※Guarantor (and/or financial supporter residing in Japan)

The student’s financial supporter (and/or guarantor) has an important role and responsibility, in both public and private capacity, for all aspects of the student’s life and studies while he or she is Japan, including admission and immigration procedures. Therefore, the financial supporter (and/or guarantor) must be thoroughly familiar with the student’s circumstances. If the supporter is someone who resides outside of Japan (e.g. a parent of the student in his or her home country), the student must have a guarantor who is a resident of Japan in addition to the financial supporter.

1. Must be someone who is close to the student, such as a relative.
2. Must be a resident of Shizuoka (but can be of any nationality) and employed.
3. If the financial supporter (and/or guarantor) is not a Japanese citizen, he or she must have been living in Japan for significant period of time and have a sufficient understanding of Japanese, in addition to the above requirements. (He or she must also submit a copy of his or her Residence Card.)
If you do not have a guarantor yet, please contact one of our local affiliated schools or organizations.

Semester Dates and Lesson Times

Spring semester April to September (includes summer vacation)
Autumn semester October to March (includes spring and winter vacation)
Lesson times Monday to Friday, four hours per day, for a total of 20 hours per week
8:40–12:30 or 1:30–17:20

When to apply

  • 1st Application Period: April
    • Entrance Exam Application deadline: end of August

    • Maximum number of students admitted: 50

    • Duration of study (hours): 2 years (1,520 hours)

  • 2nd Application Period: July
    • Entrance Exam Application deadline: end of February

    • Maximum number of students admitted: small number 

    • Duration of study (Hours): 1 year and 9 months (1, 330 Hours)

  • 3rd Application Period: October
    • Entrance Exam Application deadline: end of March

    • Maximum number of students admitted: 30

    • Duration of study (hours): 1 year and 6 months (1,140 hours)

  • 4th Application Period: January
    • Entrance Exam Application deadline: end of July

    • Maximum number of students admitted: small number

    • Duration of study (hours): 1 year and 3 months (950 hours)


Submit an application Fill out an Entrance Exam Application,and submit it with a copy of your most recent diploma and transcripts to Shizuoka Japanese Education Center. Documents can be sent via fax, post, or email, or submitted in person; however,in all cases they must be submitted by your guarantor.

Where to send

Shizuoka Japanese Education Center

11-6 Yokotamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 420-0835

Guarantor residing in Japan participates in interview
Interview and examination Applicants must participate in an interview and take an entrance examination (in either English or Japanese)
※Interview and examination will be given locally by a representative from Shizuoka Japanese Education Center.
※Depending on the number of applicants, interviews may also be given online.
Notification of results If successful, an admission certificate will be sent to your guarantor.
Submit required documents ・Prepare and submit documents required to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status to the center.
・The center will review the documents, and contact you if there are any omissions.
Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status is issued The center will submit the documents to the Immigration Bureau, which will review them and issue a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status.  
Pay tuition and other fees Pay the admission fee, tuition, and other fees via wire transfer. Payment must be made in the name of your financial supporter residing in Japan.
  • School fees (for 1 year)

    Admission fee ¥65,000
    Tuition ¥478,000
    Facility maintenance fee ¥51,000
    Total ¥594,000

    ※The above tuition corresponds to 760 hours of study. Students who come to Japan late due to complications with their visa or other reason will be able to make up the lost lesson time but will not receive a deduction from their tuition.
    ※The above tuition corresponds to a one-year visa.

  • Other fees (for 1 year)

    (1) National Health Insurance ¥61,000
    (2) International Students Insurance
    (3) Health checkup fee
    (4) Textbook fee

    ※National Health Insurance fees may differ depending on where the student lives or change due to revisions in laws.

Guarantor briefing (your Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status will be given to your guarantors at this time)
Apply for visa ※(you must apply yourself)
Arrive in Japan
Take class placement test
Entrance ceremony and orientation

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List of Documents to Submit

<Documents Required for Applicants>

  Document Original Copy

Application form (use specified form, with photo attached)

※Do not use whiteout on the form.
※When writing your personal statement, be as specific and detailed as possible.


Most recent diploma

※If you have not received your diploma by the application deadline, send a Certificate of Prospective Graduation first, and then the original diploma once it is received.


Most recent transcripts


Proof of employment, if applicable

※Applicants with an employment history must submit official documentation showing proof of employment. Documentation must include employer’s name, phone number, and address, and your job title and duration of employment.                                   


Certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency

Submit a certificate issued by a Japanese language school. It must include the school’s name, address, phone number, duration of study, hours attended, and official seal.


Certificate of Japanese language test

Submit a certificate showing the results and scores of the JLPT, J-test, or equivalent test. If you have not received the results yet, submit a copy of your examination voucher.


Photo (4 cm × 3 cm)

※Photo must show the front view of your face and upper body, without a hat, have no background, and have been taken within the last three months. Write your name and date of birth on the back.


Copy of passport (if you have one)

※If you have been to Japan before, attach a copy of the relevant visa and immigration stamp. The date the copy was made, who made it, and his or her relation to you (the applicant) must be written on the blank space of the paper.


Copy of ID card

The date the copy was made, who made it, and his or her relation to you (the applicant) must be written on the blank space of the paper.


Admission screening fee: ¥20,000

※This must be paid via your guarantor when your application is submitted.


Other documents

If you have taken a test or obtained a degree in your country or Japan, submit a copy of documentation showing the results (e.g. TOEFL, EJU, B.A. Diploma).


Health Checkup Form (use specified form)

※You must get a health checkup at a hospital in accordance with the items specified on the form. It must include the official seal of the hospital  and seal  of doctor.

1) Any documents written in a language besides Japanese must be translated into Japanese. The translation must be dated and include the translator’s signature or seal.
2) Be sure to verify that the information on the Application Form  and Letter of Financial Support correspond with the information on the other documents you have submitted.
3) All documents newly issued for this application must be submitted within three months from when they were issued (or six months if issued outside of Japan).
4) As a rule, submitted documents and fees will generally not be returned. (However, documents that cannot be reissued such as original diplomas can be returned.)
5) The Application Form must be completed by the applicant. Likewise, the Letter of Financial Support and Letter of Guarantee must be completed by the financial supporter. Documents must be translated into Japanese.
6) Be sure to retain copies of all submitted documents. (You may be asked to submit them when applying for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.)
7) In some cases applicants may be asked to submit documents other than those listed above.

<Documents Required for Financial Supporters>

Financial supporters fall under one of the following four categories.。
A: Supporter is a resident of Japan (e.g. Japanese citizen or foreign national residing in Japan)
B: Supporter is a resident of a country other than Japan (e.g. student’s family)
C: Supporter is organization such as a company
D: The applicant pays his or her own expenses.
※In all of the above cases, the financial supporter (or the applicant in the case of D)  must submit one original copy of each of the documents listed below.

  Document A B C D

Letter of Financial Support (use specified form)

※It must include the name of the employer and the supporter’s job title. Income stated in letter must be consistent with the Certificate of Income.


Letter of Guarantee (use specified form)


Certificate of Residence (juminhyo, must include all members of household) or ID card


Certificate of Employment

※If the supporter is the head of a company (or if a company is paying the applicant’s expenses), he or she must submit a certified copy of the company registration or a copy of tax returns. In all other cases supporter must submit a document issued by the employer stating the name, address, and phone number. In the case of B, if the supporter is a business proprietor, he or she must submit the business license or equivalent.


Certificate of Income (must state gross annual income and number of dependents)

・A: Resident Tax Certificate [shikenminzei shotoku kazei shomeisho] or Withholding Tax Statement [gensen-choshu-hyo] (for the last 3 years
・B: Certificate issued by employer, tax payment certificate [nozei shomeisho], etc. (for the last 3 years)
・C: Financial Statement
※Supporter should also include documentation showing proof of assets, including temporary income, if possible.


Balance Statement (statements from foreign banks are acceptable)

・B: Supporter must submit a document that shows the history of deposits. (For example: a copy of your passbook or bank book which shows deposits and withdrawals of salary made in the last two or three years, or document showing proof of temporary income earned such as from sales of real estate or stock.)


Proof of Relationship to Applicant

a) If the supporter is a blood relation of the applicant:
Family Register Certificate [koseki shomei], Resident Registration Certificate [jumin torokusho], or notarized document showing familial relationship, etc.
b) If the supporter has had business relations with the applicant’s parents or siblings for a considerable amount of time: the other party’s company brochure or certified copy of company registration, bill of lading related to business transactions, or notarized document showing proof of parent-child relationship, etc.


If it has been five years or more since the applicant completed his or her most recent education, a written statement indicating the reason he or she should study Japanese.

※Statement should explain the applicant’s objective for studying Japanese and what he or she has been doing since completing his or her Japanese education program. For example: letter of recommendation for studying abroad from a company, statement from company promising reinstatement, etc.


Written resolution of board of directors stating acceptance of applicant


・In the case of B and D, the applicant’s guarantor residing in Japan must submit the following:
 Letter of Guarantee (use specified form), Certificate of Employment, and Certificate of Income (for 1 year)

Entrance Exam Application

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