Overview of the School

Long-standing Shizuoka Japanese Education Center 

Educational Policy

  • 1

    For people from other countries to gain an understanding of Japan through studying Japanese, and to contribute to international cooperation and exchange.

  • 2

    To inspire a spirit of international friendship through the study of Japanese, and develop individuals who can make use of Japanese in their careers to contribute to the modernization of their respective countries.

Educational Goals

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    For students to obtain high scores in the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and pass the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), and ensure they can enter a university or vocational college.

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    For students to learn about the geography, culture , and economy of Shizuoka through hands-on experiences.

Organizations that Support
Shizuoka Japanese Education Center

Sasaeainet (Contact: Nobuo Kawamura, Shizuoka Japanese Education Center)
Provides support for various school functions and activities such as climbing Mt. Fuji.
Okinahashi Scholarship Foundation (Contact: Kiyomi Ishihara, Shizuoka Japanese Education Center)
Scholarship foundation established in memory of Yasuhiko Ishihara, founder of Shizuoka Japanese Education Center and contributor to world peace. The foundation provides support to students studying at the center and grants scholarships to those who graduate with outstanding academic performance.

Photographs of the School Building

  • Reception

  • Faculty room

  • Break room

  • Bicycle parking lot

  • Classroom (Small)

  • Classroom (Medium)

  • Classroom (Large)

  • Front of school